La préhension retrouvée

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Welcome on the website of informations about diseases of the upper limb.

The surgery of upper limb is a full speciality within the orthopaedic surgery.

It contains certain specificities:

  • it concerns the limb of the prehension of which every segment maybe altered. It is thus important to have a global vision taking into account every segment and it in association with the rheumatologist, the physical doctor, the osteopath, the physiotherapist, the occupational therapist, the anaesthetist;
  • it appeals to varied techniques  of the osteo-articular surgery ( orthopaedic surgery) and the mild parts, in particular the cutaneous cover (plastic surgery), but also the microsurgery (surgery under magnifying means: magnifying glasses, microscope);
  • it is very often made in "ambulatory", that is during a day hospitalization.

This site reflects the habits of a team, the terms of supported may vary. It aims is help you understand the pathologies of upper limb, but in no case can not replace the dialogue with a health professional.

Warning some images may offend.

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